Every moment has a theme song, so for each and every wedding moment to be unforgettable, it goes without saying that a good wedding DJ is of the essence. Thankfully South Africans know how to throw a good party and as a result, 24 Hr DJ Service comes highly recommended and have a knack for getting the party started.

When interviewing potential wedding DJs, it's important to choose one with a natural feel for music genres and rhythm – a person with whom you can relate and who you can trust to play the type of wedding music that suits your style. Even if you’re tempted to provide said DJ with a fully prepared play list, it’s essential to let him do what he's good at and ultimately deliver the service that you’re paying him for..

Our Dj Service extents from a vibrant team that will ensure that your night, Wedding reception or party will be one to remember. With over 80 000 tracks from Classic to Rock , Club to 60’s 70’s and 80’s, country and sokkie, your event will be one night to remember.  Our professional dj is there for your needs and to make your event one to remember with music equipment, Disco lighting and effects this will be achieved.  

We offer extra additional Services such as Up lighting or also known as mood lighting for hire.

Low fog / Dancing on the clouds are also a beautiful way to start your first dance off with which can also be hire from us.

You name it we can do it in the sound and light side of your wedding! - Contact us today for your quotation!

Ceremonial and Reception
Wedding Dj Package
From R3500.00

*Price set to start at your reception time till 11:45pm. Each hour after 12:00 pm is charged at R500.00 per hour which must be paid on evening.  

Please note we work on deposit paid bookings only if you have not paid your booking date, It will still reflect as a open date on our calendar and will be available to any other party that requests that date.

Wedding Dj Package
From R2500.00
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